Martin Turner, Representative
for the state of Colorado

Martin Turner

Martin Turner

    Allow me the pleasure of introducing myself! My name is Martin Turner and I it pleases me to be the new Colorado representative for National Grandparents Day. Most of my career has been in service to the elderly and poor and I recently have taken on the challenging, yet fulfilling role of Social Service Director at Aspen Siesta Nursing Care Center; I have a deep love of making an immediate, positive impact upon people.
I have worked in long-term care now for almost a decade in various roles, and previously was the Social Service Director at Cambridge Care Center in Lakewood. I am a Denver native, and spent my childhood years in Lakewood.
I attended the University Of Northern Colorado and have a BA in Social Sciences, and a double minor in Sociology and Africana Studies. My future goal is to become a Licensed Professional Counselor and presently I am taking graduate courses at Regis University.
I tend to view the world from the relational-cultural theory which espouses that we all exist in connection with others in some form and degree of intimacy. These relationships that we form with others help us to define who we are and how we flourish as self-actualized individuals; we are all connected in some way. It is in disconnection that we become isolated and experience fear, pain, shame, sadness, etc. Disconnection creates isolation, which is the opposite of being in some form of relation. It is imperative for our mental well-being to be connected to those around us-friends, family, co-workers, etc…
I hope to work closely with the local community of Denver and Colorado in making National Grandparents Day visible and always a celebration to look forward to! Our elders give us our identity and have paved the way for us; we owe them so much!

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