Don and Arelene Mathey | Bob and Velva Skophammer

State of Iowa

Scott, age 16

"My grandparents at a birthday party"
"My grandparents take us to the park"

"My grandparents decorating a Christmas tree"



Don & Arlene Mathey

Scott, age 16, is interested in guitar, trombone, keyboard, art and computer graphics. His grandparents, Don (age 83) and Arelene (age 82), live in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Don is a church volunteer.

Bob & Velva Skophammer

Scott's paternal grandparents, Bob (age 80) and Velva (age 79) Skophammer also live in Fort Dodge. Velva has been involved in Tri-T, supporting young girls in camp.Bob Skophammer is well known
in Fort Dodge for his excellent
drawings depicting early years in his home town. The drawing below is of Central Avenue in Fort Dodge, circa 1938, and hangs in the local library.