National Grandparents of the Year:

George & Lea Wells | Russell and Joyce Martin

Rachel age 9 with Papa George &
Gramma Lea Wells

Joshua age 8 with Papa George

Grandparents Russell and Joyce Martin
with Mark and Sharon, Rachel, Joshua,
and Rebekah


Picking blackberries with Gramma and Papa -- Rachel

George and Lea Wells: these are the grandparents in the art work. They live about 5 miles from us, and Rachel and Joshua and Rebekah spend a few hours with them several times each week. Because the children are homeschooled they are able to do things with their grandparents during the day. The children love to ride Papa George's horses and pick blackberries with Gramma Lea in the summer. Joshua and Papa like to fish, and Rachel likes to help Gramma Lea with her flower beds.

Rachel is nine years old and enjoys drawing, reading, horses, and gymnastics. She would like to be an animal rescue officer or a veterinarian when she grows up. She plays the violin and is a great swimmer.

Joshua is eight years old and likes science experiments, riding his ripstick skateboard, and playing baseball. He would like to be an engineer when he grows up. He plays the violin and is entering his third year of Cub Scouts, where he is a Bear.
The grandparents in the second picture are Russell and Joyce Martin of Heth, Arkansas. Russell is 63 years old, and Joyce is 59. They have been married for 43 years! They live about five hours away, but the children love to visit them several times a year. Rachel and Gramma Joyce love crafts and reading together, and Joshua likes to take walks around the pond with Grampa Russell.

Rachel and Joshua's parents are Mark and Sharon Martin, and their four year old sister is Rebekah.
--Sharon Martin.


Going to the Saddle Shop with Papa -- Joshua