National Grand Parents

National Winners:
2007 National Grandparents of the Year
Dick and Eva Fong

Dick and Eva Fong
National Grandparents of Year

During a July vacation in the Poconos, the Fong family constructed their family tree (see left). Their eldest grandson, James Fong, age 12, submitted the artistic drawing to the National Grandparents Day Family Tree/Family Reunion contest. Result: His grandparents, Dick and Eva Fong were selected National Grandparents of the Year.

The grandparents, both retired pharmacists, have been married for forty-four years. They have four children, and twelve grandchildren. Son Johnathan and family live in Nokomis, Florida. Daughter Ruth and family live in Pittsburgh, PA. Christine and family - Chicago, Il. Rebecca and family - Ashburn, VA.

Grandson James is an honor student at Pine View School in Osprey, FL. He and his brothere Alex have been named "the next generation of philanthropists". They helped raise funds for victims of hurricane Charley. James is very talented: he is a writer, plays tennis and flag football, and plays the piano and violin. The entry into the Grandparents Day contest, he emphasizes, was a collaborative effort with all his cousins.