National Grand Parents
2006 National
National Grandparents of the Year

Matthew and Grandma Karen

Matthew is 9 years old, and in the fourth grade. He thoroughly enjoys school. Favorite spare-time activities: drawing and doodling, playing on the computer, and spending time with his family. Plus he likes to swim, ride his bike, roller blade and ride his go-cart. He is a Cub Scout and a Socrates member.
Grandma Karen is a Teacher Assistant for Special Ed. Also teaches at the Success Center, plus is a Girl Scout Leader and runs a Learn to Swim program.

Matthew, age 9, with
grandfather Don Draeger

Donald & Karen Dreager Jr. (2003)

Top row: Misty, Marsha, Karen, Donald Jr., Donald Sr.
Bottom row: Mike, Veronica, Andrew (11mos.), Mark, Matthew our winner at 5years old.

From the top, left: Grandpa Don, Mark, Mike, Grandma Karen, Misty, Great Grandma Marget, Marsha, Matthew at 6wks.