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Dina, age 12

Dina, Faigy, and Gitty with Grandmother Sara

Grandmother Sara is 80 years old. She has three children, six grandchildren, and two great grand-children. She hopes they all learn from her "to be kind and sensitive to others' feelings."

Dina, age 12, is in the seventh grade. She likes to excel in her studies and especially likes history and writing. She can play the piano and sing and she likes to dance. She also tutors her sisters.

Faigy, age 7

Faigy, age 7, is in the third grade. She likes school because she gets to be with her friends. In her spare time, Faigy plays with her Barbie dolls and plays on the computer. She especially enjoys performing in plays.

Gitty, age 9, is in the fourth grade. She enjoys swimming, arts and crafts, and playing with Barbies. Gitty plays the piano and also likes to participate in school programs.

These three girls were very pleased that their poems made their grandmother happy.

Congratulations to Dina and Faigy and Gitty, our New York State Art Poster Winners!

Gitty, age 9