National Grand Parents

National Winner for 2004
Dan and Sally Robinson

  On September 9th, at KCET Studios in Los Angeles, Dan and Sally Robinson will be honored as the 2004 National Grandparents of the Year. Granddaughter Natalie Windham, age 8, submitted the winning art poster which resulted in her grandparents' nomination. Subsequent questionnaires were sent to all state finalists. Based on the Robinson's extensive volunteering with all ages and numerous organizations, they were selected as the National Grandparents of the Year.

Ways these grandparents have improved the lives of others:
Grandpa listens to students read & volunteers in the school cafeteria. They reach out to seniors in their parish and reach out to all with a friendly smile and Hello.
Kaufman Center Award, Teacher Achievement
Nominated for Teacher of the Year
Bishop Sullivan Award
Volunteer, charity or community work:
Salvation Army, St. Vincent De Paul, Holy Cross School
Marriage Preparation Courses, St. Terese, Catholic Charities

Natalie's art poster entry

The Robinson Family

Natalie with maternal grandparents Dan & Sally Robinson

Southwest Airlines provided a trip
to awards ceremony in Los Angeles

Natalie with Piggley Winks of KidsPBS tv show
JAKERS (who hosted the awards ceremony)
To left is California winner Nicole P.