Genevieve A. Suzuki, Representative
for the state of Hawai'i

Genevieve A. Suzuki, Representative for the state of Hawai'i

Genevieve Suzuki

    Genevieve Ancog Suzuki, Hawai'i representative, feels that Grandparent's Day should be celbrated every day of each year. Genevieve feels lucky that she grew up in a building full of senior citizen residents and remembers every one of them as one would a grandparent. However happy the experience, she still feels sadness when she recals that most of the residents had grandchildren of their own but rarely saw them. It is that same careless disregard of the very people we should cherish that drives Genevieve's desire to do everything she can to help others realize what a gift grandparents are before it's too late.
    Grandparents are, after all, living treasures that should be explored. Married to Derek Suzuki, an orchestra and chorus teacher at Moanalua Middle School, Genevieve says she is fortunate to be able to share with him his grandparents.
    Genevieve is a staff writer with The Hawai'i Herald, A Japanese-American journal based in Honolulu. She has been a copy editor and a writer for The Honolulu Advertiser, MidWeek, and Hawai'i Business News. She was also a Dow Jones copy editing intern for Newsday, a New York City newspaper. Genevieve is currently working on her first novel.

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