Suzanne Bond, Representative
for the state of Washington

Suzanne Bond, Representative for the state of Washington

Suzanne Bond

    Suzanne Bond
  As a school teacher, principal, and superintendent, I╩worked for many years with parents and grandparents who were raising children.╩╩Being a mother of twins and a ╩working mom most of my career, I╩know the feeling of╩a busy schedule coupled with the desire to make╩meaningful connections with children. I kept looking for creative ways to make that connection or share character-building values with my children.╩In the area of cards, I found very few that╩facilitated╩that connection. Thus, the idea for╩Love In A Lunchbox╩grew from my own desire to connect with my children as well as my╩passion to provide an easy vehicle for╩others╩to do the same.

  We believe╩spreading love to children in╩this simple yet powerful way (from the people closest to them) will╩make a difference in their lives and╩in our future.╩ My husband, who is a social worker, and I╩have started a small company called Character For All and our goal is to produce additional products like Love In A Lunchbox which will help all of us touch the lives of children.

Love In A Lunchbox Cards

Gifts for Parents... or Grandparents...
  Our Love In A Lunchbox notecards offer a simple yet powerful way for you to let the children in your life know you love them. These colorful notecards feature charming original children's art and can be used as often as you like. You can write notes to let your kids or grandkids know you care.
  You can use these yourself or make a difference in a grandchild's life by buying them for your son or daughter to use with their children.

Ordering information:
"su.dan AT verizon DOT net"

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