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"Just One More Story, Grandpa. Please...Please!"

And Grandpa John happily obliges. Who could resist the cherub faces of these little grandchildren? Their names are Kelsey and Gianna and Joseph. Grandma Bobbie tucks the children into bed after the storytime. Thus the tradition continues as children the world over hear bedtime
stories from grandparents.
(This family lives in Massachusetts.)



We're happy to share with you proud great-granddad Leonard B., age 87, with great-grandson Austin. Behind them are Leonard's son, Tom, and Leonard's grandson, John (Austin's Dad). The four generations were gathered in Georgia when this picture was taken. Great-granddad Leonard lives in Michigan and he has two children, three grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren in Georgia, Michigan and Florida. All best wishes to a great family!


Photo #1. Say hello to great-grandma Avis, age 84 (in red jacket) and great-grandchildren Kelsey and Chance.
Back row: Greg, grandson of Avis, and Janice, Avis' daughter.

Photo #2. Grandma Janice with son Kevin,
son Greg, and daughter Valerie.
Great-grandma Avis (picture at left)
lives in South Dakota. She has 2 children, 4 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren,
living in California, Arizona and South Dakota.



of Nevada

Sharon P. with granddaughter, Kaitlin.

of Washington

Betty and granddaughter Tamiya of Washington.


Erin H. of Arizona sends us this photo with the note: "This picture is about thirty years old. The boy is my brother, Daniel, who lives in New York now and has four sons. Our father's name is Frank. He raised eleven kids and has 23 grandchildren and four great grandchildren--in five states: Washington, California, Arizona, Ohio, and New York. The picture was taken on my grandfather's farm in South Carolina."

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