Represent Your State on the
National Grandparents Day Council


State Representative to the National Grandparents Day Council.

Member: Founder's Advisory Commitee.


1. Submit suggestions and recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding methods of enhancing and enlarging the celebration of National Grandparents Day in your state.

2. Distribute Grandparents Day information, contest flyers, and Forget-Me-Not program information to schools, churches, and other organizations.

3. Give informal talks about the history of Grandparents Day. Include suggestions for great ways to celebrate the holiday, as a family or as an organization. Emphasize importance of intergenerational activities.

4.Nominate nursing home volunteers, Meals on Wheels volunteers, and other helpers of seniors from your area, for the annual Forget-Me-Not Founder's Award. Represent the Council in presenting the Award if your nominee wins.

5. Represent the National Grandparents Day Council in presenting prizes to any grandchild or grandparents in your area who win Grandparents Day poster, website, poetry, songwriting or essay contests.

Hours: Two to six hours per month, from April through September.

Qualifications: Experience working with seniors and/or children. Desire to promote intergenerational activities in your community and/or your state.

Compensation: This is a volunteer/meritorious position.

To Apply: Send resume' or vita and three references to:

National Grandparents Day Council
339 East J Street
Chula Vista, CA 91910

Fax: (619)691-0227

E-mail: info AT grandparents-day DOT com
(No attachments, please. Include all info in the body of the e-mail.)

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