Suzanne Bond
Suzanne Bond
Washington Representative

Martin Turner
Colorado Representative
Mary Labert, Pennsylvania Representative
Mary Labert
Pennsylvania Representative
John Herndon, California Representative
John Herndon
California Representative

Astorie T. Acty
Virginia Representative
George Daugherty, Regional Spokesperson for the East Coast
George Daugherty
Regional Spokesperson
East Coast

Jean Elaine Jupa
Florida Representative
Michael Turner, Media Liason for Colorado
Michael Turner
Media Liaison for Colorado
Letha Rounds, Arkansas Representative
Letha Rounds
Nevada Representative
Jan Stover
Becky Brewer
Illinois Representative

Robert G. Taylor
Oklahoma Representative
Jan Stover
Jan Stover
Genevieve Suzkuki, Hawai'i Representative
Genevieve Suzuki
Hawai'i Representative
Brett A Godwin, California Representative
Brett A. Godwin
California Representative

Pat Magarity
Tennessee Representative
Sharron McElmeel, Iowa Representative
Sharron L. McElmeel
Iowa Representative
Evonne Koeppen, Wisconsin Representative
Evonne Koeppen
Wisconsin Representative
Rhonda Warchola, Florida Representative
Rhonda Warchola
Florida Representative
Priscilla D. Moultrie-Graham
Priscilla Moultrie
Media Liaison for Maryland
Laurie Labishak, Media Liason for Ohio
Laurie Labishak
Media Liaison For Ohio
Katherine M. Astleford, CPS
Katherine M. Astleford
Media Liaison for Pennsylvania
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