To answer your questions about grandparenting, and grandparent-related issues Dr, Kornhaber has written a new book called "The Grandparent Guide" (Contemporary Books/ McGraw-Hill $16.95). It contains the fruits of over 30 years of his research and experience and is especially designed to answer your questions about grandparenting, and to offer specific advice, and referral resources, There are over 50 topics in the book. It is meant to be read interactively with parents too. Covered are legal issues, raising grandchildren, grandparent development, special needs grandchildren, adopted grandchildren, long-distance grandparenting, parent--grandparent relations, stepgrandparenting, family diversity, and so much more. You can get the book at your local library, bookstore or

The Foundation for Grandparenting is a non-profit (all-volunteer) organization that has, since 1980, been devoted to raising grandparent consciousness to benefit all generations and society. Please keep up to date concerning grandparent issues by viewing our website Please let your friends and colleagues know about us too. We would like to hear from you about grandparenting news, information, programs and more.

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