George Daugherty Appointed Regional Spokesperson
for National Grandparents Council

George Daugherty

George Daugherty, an attorney in Elkview, West Virginia, is also known in his entertainment role as "The Earl of Elkview, a doctor of perpetual celebration." He is a songwriter, musician, actor, humorist and toastmaster who has traveled throughout the United States presenting an audio-visual musical tribute to America and to West Virginia.

During August and September, Mr. Daughterty will focus his presentation around Grandparents Day, with special songs, poems and humor honoring the Grandparent-Grandchild bond. (He has first-hand knowledge to share, since he became a grandpa in June of this year.)

All ages enjoy The Earl's original songs, such as "I'll Pump the Gas, Jimmy; You Run the World" and "It takes a Snuff Dippin' Woman for a Bacon Chewin' Man".

To schedule The Earl of Elkview for your group, you may call him at 304-965-3554 or e-mail him at: theEarlofE at (Replace the word "at" with the @ sign.)

Don't miss out! Schedule early!

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