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Five Second Place 

winners received:

An AlphaSmart 3000 is a portable laptop word processor that has a full keyboard and weighs two pounds. It can hold eight text files that can be viewed on a four line LCD screen. The files you create can be transferred to your Macintosh or PC via an included cable and software. This is great for taking on long trips and using in classrooms from elementary to college. 

Third Place Winners 

Received One of 25...
Cadaco, makers of Tripoley for over 65 years, presented the New Tripoley Mat games to 25 third place finalists of the Year 2000 National Grandparents Day Contests.
Teachers of Year 2000
Winning Classrooms Received

Guide your canoe on a wild rainforest adventure through the Amazon!

Build real-life skills in decision-making and problem-solving as you navigate the Amazon River on a wild rainforest adventure. Experience the mysteries of the rainforest as you build your understanding of history and science.

Create and Produce Your Own Plays

Create your own live-action play and bring your favorite characters from The American Girls Collection to life! You'll learn about history as you write and print your scripts, direct, and produce and entire show--from script to Performance!
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